Healthy Gut Healthy Skin

Healthy Gut Healthy Skin

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Most people think that your skin care regimen starts and ends with what you put ON your skin. Nuh uh. The secret to healthy, beautiful, glowing skin, no red marks, no breakouts, ENDS with what you put on your skin. It STARTS with the health and happiness of your microbiome. ‘Microbiome, Brooke, what is that?’ Your human microbiome is the bacteria, single-celled organisms, fungi, protists, and viruses that live on and in your body. What does it mean to have a healthy microbiome that will make my skin beautiful? Well, let me tell you.

First, let me take you back to school for a minute. A fun fact that I think is super important to remember is that there are more microbial cells living in and on our bodies than our own human cells. There is a little debate as to the ratio, but the fact is that there are more microbes. That’s why, to me, it’s super important that I treat my microbial cells well. With the majority of our microbiome living in the gut, treating my little friends well means eating foods that will nourish not only my body but my ‘good microbiome,’ too.

Your gut bacteria are one of the main regulators in the gut-skin axis. In other words, your gut biome is one of the main factors in keeping your skin healthy and young-looking. So what does it mean to eat a diet that will promote good bacteria that will make your skin look and feel healthy? Pretty much the same diet to make your own body feel great: low to no processed sugar, low processed carbohydrates, whole vegetables and fruits, fiber is awesome (but keep it to naturally occurring fiber from food, not from a package), lots of water, olive oil, fish and meats are okay, too. Dairy is more on the naughty list, though. Fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut are GREAT for your gut. They are like eating probiotics in food form (which they should be). Beans or legumes are great sources of natural fiber. We all know the saying, ‘the more you eat the more you toot.’ That’s because our little gut bacteria LOVE all that fiber. They eat it up and produce gasses which we trumpet out of our asses.

There is so much to keep our bodies and our biomes happy, healthy and looking great. I believe the biggest and first step to achieving not only beautiful skin but a beautiful body is to take care of our gut and that means cleaning up our nutrition. Food is the best medicine.

Love you People! Stay healthy!





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Brooke Ence
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