A Little Help for the Holidays

A Little Help for the Holidays

Hi Guys,

I can’t believe it, but it’s the Holidays! With that in mind, I wanted to talk with you a little bit about eating and maintaining your body amidst all the festivities.

I think the most important thing is to have a plan. My fitness maintenance starts to fall through the cracks when I’m hanging out with family and just go with the flow of what everyone else is doing. I’m sure you have all been there to some degree. And I get it! We all want to spend time with whoever we are celebrating with, and no one wants to add more complication to the to an already stressful (but happy) season. That being said, it’s okay to take an hour here or there for whatever you need to keep your body (and mind) in good health. If that means waking up an hour earlier than everyone else so that you can hit the gym, go for a run, do an at-home workout, whatever, that’s okay! You deserve to feel your best during the Holidays. Even if that means peeling yourself away from your loved ones for a bit. Or have them join you! Whatever you need and want to do to get the job done.


Another HUGE tip I have is to know your outlets. I’m not talking about that last minute shopping. No. I mean, if there is a gym near you, know where it is and when you can access it. If you’re going to be in an area where the nearest gym is too far, make some stuff up for you to do wherever you’re staying. At home workouts can be scary for some because you need to be a little creative,  but honestly, they can be super easy and SUPER effective. If all you have access to is your body, then use your body! Do some body-weight movements like push-ups, air squats, lunges, running, etc. Something that takes less than 20 minutes: pick your three favorite (or least favorite because you need to work on it) movements and do a tabata workout for each movement. OR, test your 5K, 10K, or whatever running distance. My point is, be creative. You can accomplish a lot with very little. If you still have trouble thinking of a workout, go online! If you’re a CrossFitter, look up the WOD from your favorite affiliate or programmer. Look at the modifications to see what you can do with what you have available. Trust me, you will feel a lot better about your Holiday splurging if you also take some time to devote to your fitness.
Just some perspective, these workouts shouldn’t be something like PRing your snatch. The point is to move. Get your intensity up, break that sweat, earn your splurge.


Again, have a plan when it comes to what you put on your plate. A big part of the Holidays is the eating, for sure. But that doesn’t mean you have to suck down all of whatever your eyes land on. Don’t get me wrong. Enjoy yourself! Have a bite or two of whatever you want, but have a plan. For instance, I love dark meat and buttery rolls. So, I’m going to plan my eating habits around indulging on having a lot of dark meat and rolls! If that means less mashed potatoes and cheesy appetizers, then that’s what that means. I’m not hurting the cheese and potatoes’ feelings. The key is moderation… and not to make yourself feel like garbage. Because let’s be honest, feeling like crap isn’t fun and takes the joy out of celebrating.

Just remember, the Holidays are about being with your loved ones, but it’s okay to take some time for yourself. Do a little something every day for your fitness. That way you won’t feel guilty about eating extravagantly. Also, indulge on whatever you want, but don’t go overboard. Moderation will keep your Holiday cheer high.

I wish you all a very Happy Holidays!

Brooke Ence
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